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Negotiating Forward

The realities of budget constraints spurred many school board members to learn more about how to contain costs in ECASBs recent "Negotiating Contracts in the Era of the Tax Levy Cap" program. With money so tight, or not there at all, what is left to negotiate? Realistically, not much. Even new money that may be available though a tax levy may already be “spent," when increases in health insurance, retirement and other contractual obligations already exceed the dollars raised through the levy. And, it was pointed out, Triborough provides employees little incentive to renegotiate.

However, speakers pointed out ways to contain costs and maximize the dollars available and provide transparency about districts' fiscal stress. In addition, new analytic software can quickly show how contracts may impact budgets moving forward, and can show year-to-year financial performance comparisons over five years. The software also can provide detailed information on future needs, capacity of staff (training/support needs), and distribution of work and responsibilities.


Posted on Monday, 07 April 2014 14:04


Online Petition for Gap Elimination Adjustment


Two teachers at Lake Shore have set up this online petition drive to let the NYS Legislature know the  funding of education, specifically the Gap Elimination Adjustment, needs to be addressed now.

Click here or on the logo above to sign the petition!

Posted on Wednesday, 19 March 2014 15:12


GEA News

Behind the Numbers of New York State's
Gap Elimination Adjustment
What It Means in the Depew School District
What It Means in the Ken-Ton School District
What It Means in the Lake Shore SD (Superintendent James Przepasniak)
What It Means in the Lake Shore SD (Assistant Supt. Admin/Finance Dan Pacos)

Posted on Thursday, 13 March 2014 12:40


Who's Doing What About the GEA?

The "Gap Elimination Adjustment," New York State's supposed one-time budgeting maneuver to pull back funding from schools in order to balance its own budget, has become a yearly budgeting practice, not just a one-time fix in time of fiscal crisis. As school districts lay off staff, cut programs and close buildings, what are your legislators doing about stopping the GEA and preserving your local schools? Here's a quick summary:

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300+ Rally to 'Do Away with the GEA'

NYS Funding Maneuver Siphons $ From Schools
(See Rick Timbs PPT here)
"You number more than 300 strong, from some 30 school districts across Erie, Niagara, Chautauqua and Cattaraugus Counties and by the end of tonight, you will know more than most of your friends and neighbors about why programs and staff members have been disappearing from your districts over the past few years," Kenton Superintendent Mark Mondanaro told the audience in the Kenmore East High School auditorium as he opened the Rally to Do Away with the GEA.  " You will know why New York State’s method of funding, or more accurately, DE-funding of your schools has led to diluted programs and higher LOCAL taxes in our communities as we have tried to make up for what the state has taken away."

Without the state restoring funding, the outlook for area districts is grim, the speakers said. Dr. Timbs noted that while NYS touts state aid increases to schools, in reality, the state continues to withdraw money through its Gap Elimination Adjustment maneuver. While it seemed an essential move in time of fiscal crisis, it has since become a five-year budgeting move that has taken away $8.5 billion in school funding and returned it to the state to balance its own budget. While NYS now has a surplus, districts are "dying on the vine," it was noted.

Read more: 300+ Rally to 'Do Away with the GEA'

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